The bizarre, the unseemly, the weird, and the wild!

News unfit for the masses

Welcome to Fractured News for Fractured Times by me, Ian Fortey. You can head to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other alphabet soup for “real” news, for boring news, for politics and fashion and reviews of art house cinema. Fractured News for Fractured Times digs into the stories that you have to read twice because they didn’t make sense the first time around. The bizarre stories that shake your faith in humanity, the perverse stories that you need to share with friends right away just so you can see the looks on their faces when they read them.

For 13 years on I brought you the insane, the unexpected, the unpredictable, and the baffling. This is the unfiltered look at those same kind of stories that inspire and amaze, disgust and entice. If weird news is your bread and butter, then Fractured News for Fractured Times is the toaster that makes it all come together like a crispy, melty treat in your mouth. Did that metaphor even make sense? It better not have, because nothing else here does!

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